Executive Coaching Programs

Life Business Consultants are accredited Emotional Intelligence coaches who specialise in coaching leaders from  the health, community and educational sectors.

Our Executive Coaching Programs combine the POWER of individual COACHING with the world renowned BarOn EQ-I, and the M.B.T.I to assist leaders enhance their emotional intelligence and maximise their personal effectiveness at work.

Group training often fails to deliver the support participants need to translate new skills into practice. One to one executive coaching is a highly personalised approach that is proven to assist leaders achieve their learning objectives faster.

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Emotionally Smart Leaders:-

  • Express their emotions effectively
  • Are optimistic, confident. & independent
  • Can influence and inspire others
  • Are assertive, empathic and good listeners
  • Can solve problems and manage stress

D. Goleman says..

“Leaders who consistently exhibit strong emotional skills have lower staff turnover, higher job satisfaction among their employees, and higher performing teams.” "The E.Q Factor"